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Compression Molding Presses (Up Stroking)

With loads of satisfied clients worldwide, we are glad to introduce ourselves as the globally reckoned manufacturers and exporters of Compression Molding Presses. Automatic mold ejection system and vacuum molding press, together make the offered machine. Both these section are connected with an auto mold handling arrangement that is sequenced with the press operation.

It helps to mold material. Mostly presses uses a hydraulic ram to produce sufficient force during the molding operation. These presses also possess long slide guide with lubrication system for better accuracy. These presses are available in a wide variety of specifications and options. The components in this machine are molded with precisely controlled parameters, ensuring no porosity. Offered Vacuum Compression Molding Presses are  the ideal way for producing plastic casing and that too in varying dimensions.


  • The presses are designed as per ISI guidelines
  • No leakage & easy maintenance due to usage of manifold block mounted valves
  • Time & Temperature factors can be programmed using PLC
  • Due to automatic system the electricity is saved and less strain occurs to hydraulic system
  • Soft opening of moulds is provided for the safety of moulding parts
  • Ultrasonically tested plates are used which makes system capable to load during frequent and fast operations
  • Upstroking presses are not required in case of bottom ejectors
  • Parallel accuracy upto 0.01m to 0.02
  • Safety factors:- 20 to 30%


  • 12 months warranty
  • Customized built presses available
  • Cost of upstroking presses are slightly less than downstroking presses

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Deep Drawing Presses

Deep drawing presses are manufactured by a team of talented professionals utilizing qualitative metallic and non-metallic components. Offered press is widely used in different industries such engineering, heavy metals, glass and rubber owing to its precise operations. Clients appreciate this machine owing to its high efficiency, low operation cost and prolonged functional life. We conduct numerous quality tests on the offered Deep Drawing Press to ensure its flawlessness.

Deep drawing is a process of forming sheet metal. These are heavy duty, pillar type, high performance, hydraulic press for manufacturing deep drawing press components. Equipped with most advance electronic (PLC) control  Drawing Presses are available with different slide constructions to accomodate your specific tools.

The simplest pressing process is bending (Steps Involved):

  • Step 1: Bending and forming
  • Step 2: Deep Drawing
  • Step 3: Spinning
  • Step 4: Shear Spinning /Flow Turning
  • Step 5: Materials and Sections
  • Step 6: Equipment

Salient features:

  • High operational accuracy
  • Easy installation
  • Robust construction
  • Fully hydraulic powered cushions, knockouts, ejectors and blankholders are available
  • Most cost-effective
  • High speed slide approach
  • You can avail the press as per customized requirements

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Flap Moulding Presses

Flap Moulding Presses are manufactured by a dexterous team of employees using premier-grade components incorporating sophisticated technology. Offered moulding press is widely used in different rubber industries for pressing rubber flaps. Owing to its efficient functioning, least maintenance, lowest operation cost and prolonged functional life, offered Flap Moulding Presses are appreciated by patrons.

These press provides fast turn around time with superior quality of products. This results in significant cost saving and increased productivity. The option of accomodating single or double set of flap mold  provides unique design in each press.  Molds for Flap Presses can be available along with the presses.


  • Use of imported seal kits in hydraulic cylinders
  • Can design & develop Flap Moulding Presses with 3 set of flap on requirement of clients
  • Providing faster turnaround time
  • Can be operated by using single power pack unit with PLC
  • Meeting the requirement of large bed areas
  • Ram model uses precision scales
  • Fast-acting material handling system which is designed to function fully automatically
  • To provide fast and precise control Servo hydraulic system is used 


  • Warranty of 12 months
  • Avail the press as per your requirements
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Hydraulic Trimming Press

Our firm is present in more than 35 countries, providing sales and after sales services. The Hydraulic Trimming Press, offered by us, is manufactured with qualitative components implementing sophisticated technology. It is widely used in rubber, steel and other industries owing to its highly efficient functioning, least maintenance, prolonged service and easy installation. Our quality controllers are highly experienced and thoroughly test the offered Hydraulic Trimming Press on different parameters to ensure quality in tandem with industry laid norms.

After the closed-die forging process trimming presses ore mainly used in production lines directly. Flash separate the forged part. This press can be used in both cold forging as well as hot forging. Its construction designs allow high flexibility. The body can have four-columns- or mono block design, hw-column, c-frame. The working pressure is of 450 bars. It is well appreciated by our customers. Furthermore, to assure customers' convenience, we timely deliver Trimming Press at their premises under the strict supervision of a team of experienced logistics personnel.


  • Accurate slide guiding arrangement
  • Weight : 144,000lbs
  • Cylinder size : 200X160X400 and 100X70X100
  • Strokes can be adjusted to 30 degree
  • RAM speed is 653 open inches per minute
  • Hydraulic drive system is most reliable
  • Intelligently & sophisticatedly control of press function by 0/ARON PC
  • Simple user friendly system with keypad
  • All input output points can be monitored on screen
  • Provides an upper cooling pans

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Hydraulic Press Brakes

We offer Hydraulic Press Brakes which are highly accurate, productive and economical. The Press Brakes that provide simplified and easily accessible controls for optimum operator efficiency and output are designed and constructed through advanced technologies. These press brakes are manufactured to high standards of lifetime durability. Our Hydraulic Press Brakes have different operational modes for convenience. Also least fatigue mode can be selected through the panel door mounted selector switch.

We have special team of engineers to provide cost-effective solutions for your special forming requirements. In many cases, They work directly with clients to offer custom design.

Standard Accessories:

  • Main Drive Motor
  • Sheet support Pair
  • Manual back gauge with micro setting
  • Lifting links Pair
  • Fine stroke adjustment rod with limit switch
  • RAM tilting arrangement


  • The Hydraulic Press Brakes are used for bending different types of sheets into the desired angle.
  • User friendly in design
  • Accurate bending & repetition
  • Low initial & tooling cost
  • Adjustable 5 piece guides
  • Fast return speed to reduce the cycle time
  • Relief valve system for overload protection system
  • Accuracy is  ± 0.04 mm
  • Centralized lubrication system

The versatile machine is are backed by ONE -year parts warranty... Contact us for enquiry!

Hydraulic Shearing Machines

These Hydraulic Shearing Machines are used for cutting, molding and bending metal into a particular, size, shape and angle respectively. Offered machines consume very less energy and are up to the mark, as far as latest technology is concerned. Moreover, Hydraulic Shearing Machine can be brought from us in customized forms too. Furthermore, these machines are consistent in performance.

Our hydraulic shearing machine is incorporated with latest technology with the capacity ranging from 1250 to 6000 mm. (lengths) & 0.5 mm. to 20 mm. (thickness). All welded frame is of top quality international standards. Safety features make shearing machines safer. To provide better quality of cutting the roller guide made of hardened & ground EN 31 is used. This simple design with strong rigid frames, swing beam upper blade, and minimum constant rake angle assures the sheared blanks are precisely cut within a minimum of bow twist or camber. Our Hydraulic Shears consist of  safety devices for optimum and productive features, accurate shearing performance.


  • The machine employes hydraulically- driven swing beam
  • Low noise & smooth operation
  • Less power consumption
  • Four Edge interchangeable shear blade
  • Hydraulic Shearing machines are basically used for Shearing / Sheet cutting
  • High speed devices are used
  • Electro hydraulic overload protection makes shearing machines safer
  • Better Cutting accuracy in thin sheets at lower rake angle
  • The hydraulic cylinders are designed with high & low sealing pressure
  • The electric interlok and protection fence to ensure the operational safety

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SMC Moulding Presses

We provide Hydraulic SMC Moulding Press that are specially designed for production of simple and intricate molding of Melamine, SMC with ejection facility. We introduces these high speed presses which operate with high degree of precision & extremely safe to operate, these presses can be availed in semi-automatic and fully automatic models. Hydraulic SMC Moulding Presses are available with control panels backed by a digital temperature controller & electric heaters & can be availed in capacities ranging from 30 ton to 4000 ton as per the requirements The structure of the Press is monolithic & we also entertain the request on customized specification.


  • 8 pins guided arrangement
  • Slide locking arrangement is provided in selected models
  • Frames are welded/ tie rod type depending upon the capacities
  • SMC Moulding Press are highly productive & durable
  • Soft opening after the curning point helps to avoid jerk movements
  • For detecting deviation Slide position sensor used
  • Maximum deviation is between 0.6 & 0.8 mm
  • Centralized lubrication system provided in presses
  • Press is designed as per CE Standards for operator's Safety



  • Having warranty for 12 months
  • Delivery time depends on Capacity & size (Normal delivery time for 5 to 400 tons Capacity Presses is 2 to 4 months)
  • Santec manufacture Custom – built Presses

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Transfer Molding Presses

We provide Transfer Moulding Presses for manufacturing DMC/ urea or electrical parts or switch gears and rubber parts. These presses have excellent dimensional stability and finish. Santec Transfer moulding is fully equipped with advanced features such as ejector arrangement, touch type panel screen & sliding. It offers a comprehensive range of Presses including: Transfer Moulding Presses for Rubber Parts, Transfer Moulding Presses for DMC / Urea. These presses are specially designed for optimum production of intricate transfer molding of Malemine. 

This Transfer Molding Presses are applicable for low to medium volume production with middle range dimensional tolerances. Offered press is thus used for electrical parts switch gears, DMC and rubber parts. Moreover, for our manufactured Transfer Molding Press, we have loads of satisfied clients worldwide. Furthermore, buying this press from us, ensures flawless performance, life long.

These machines are suitable for production, where the following features are desired:

  • Dimensional tolerances in mid range
  • Volume production is from low to medium
  • Medium sized parts
  • Parts are delicately shaped
  • Molding inserted
  • Translucent and Colored compounds


  • Closer dimensional control can be achieved by closing the mould before before rubber charge is forced
  • In transfer process fresh rubber surface is produced
  • Unit production cost are lower
  • Provide benefits of product consistency
  • In comparison to injection molding machine the cost is low
  • Fast Production & deliver better qualitative product

The Transfer Molding Presses comes with 12 months warranty. Request your Quotation!

Drum  Crushers

SANTEC Drum Crushers are simple, safe & reliable to operate.  Our drum crushers are designed to withstand the challenging environments. They are sealed well  for strength and corrosion resistance.

These drums are ideal for pressing light metal 8, tolled hoop bonds. Front door of the crusher can be provided as sliding door as per clients requirement. These balers can be either operated by electrical push button or hand lever. SANTEC Drum Crusher can reduce heavy-duty drums (45gallons or 205Ltrs) down to discs with a thickness of around only 100mm (4").


  • 15HP motor is used i.e of ABB make
  • cycle time 35 to 40 seconds
  • Siemens electrical components used in Electrical control box
  • 40 gallon hydraulic truck
  • Vibration free operation & energy saving
  • Press RAM guide moves during pressing to save cost
  • Maintenance free press
  • Vane pump is used
  • Weight of machine is 3 to 4 tons


  • 12 months warranty
  • Customized built presses available
  • 100% export oriented

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Ready in Stock Machines
We, Santec Group, have an impactful market presence as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Ready In Stock Machines. This remarkable array of products includes Rubber Bale Cutter, Hydraulic Stock Machines, Two Roll Rubber & Plastic Mills, Dispersion Kneader, and many more. All these Ready In Stock Machines are suitable for pressing, moulding and cutting processes in different industries like automobile, pharmaceutical, etc. The offered machines have an innovative design which provide comfort to the operator and makes the cleaning process more easy. Further, our Ready In Stock Machines are ready to deliver and install with certain industry standard specification.

PLC controlled functioning of our machines is reliable, accurate and easy to regulate according to the pressing requirements and material type. With a centralized system for lubrication, our Ready In Stock Machines automatically get oiled at a predefined interval of time. Parts of these machines are well integrated for smooth operation at every level of pressing process. Also, various safety devices are installed in our machines to prevent power overload and other electricity hazards. Moreover, our Ready In Stock Machines have an interactive display and a push button control panel.

  • Easy Feeding & Wastage Removal
  • Minimal Power Need
  • Ready to Install & Operate
  • Compact Structure
Bandsaw Machine

SANTEC is one of the leading Bandsaw machines manufacturer and exporter of low cost, high productive Bandsaw machine. You can avail all types of Semi Automatic Bandsaw Machine & Fully Automatic Bandsaw Machine ( Range Ø 160 to 1200 dia.) in different model range. Band saws up to 1300mm, band saws for big dimensions pieces, vertical cutting band saws are the solutions offered to our customers.

These machines have infinitely variable feed with flow control valves, hard chrome plated double column, power driven wire brush, separate electrical control panel etc. These machines are hydraulically controlled with dual clamping system.

Parts of Bandsaw Machine:

  • Driven Wheel
  • Beds metal with heavy beam
  • Hard chrome plated columns
  • Hydraulic Blade Tensioning equipment used
  • Movable Blade Guide
  • A heavy duty bundle cutting attachment
  • Gear Box
  • Equipped with Heavy duty spherical roller bearings
  • Easy to maintain valve


  • Height Control automatically
  • Split Front vice
  • Productivity ranges from 200mm to 2000mm dia semiautomatic, NC, fully-automatic & LM guide version
  • Maximum height and width of 500mm


  • Having warranty for 12 months
  • Normal delivery time is 2 to 4 months
Laboratory mixing Mill
Offered Laboratory Mixing Mill are manufactured in strict adherence with set international standards, by our team of skilled professionals. These mills are made using qualitative components that we procure from trusted vendors. Offered mills are easy to operate and their efficient functioning make these mills highly applauded in world market. Well tested for quality, we are providing Laboratory Mixing Mill at market leading prices.

Product Features:
  • Easy usage mixing mills
  • No maintenance mixing mills
  • Reliable operations mixing mills
  • Low consumption of energy mixing mills
Hydraulic Workshop Press
We, Santec Group, have always generated optimum client satisfaction as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Hydraulic Workshop Press. This find high usage in electromechanical line for the straightening, punching, forming, assembling-disassembling and pressing of various components. The offered Hydraulic Workshop Presses functions on the principle of hydraulic transmission in which the hydraulic momentum is converted into mechanical. Steel-frame structure of our workshop presses offers high strength and durability. Lifting device is easily moved by the beams of work platform to maintain required height. Various hydraulic components fitted in our Hydraulic Workshop Presses are cylinder, control valve, motor, and many more.

Control valves fitted in the offered presses regulate the direction, force and flow of the hydraulic actuating mechanism. These are also useful in preventing overload and controlling working pressure to provide stability to the whole system. Our Hydraulic Workshop Presses has various devices for protection such as circuit breakers, thermal relay, main power breaker, etc. Also, an emergency push button is provided to cut down the main power in the case of any emergency. Entire electronic configuration of our Hydraulic Workshop Presses are based on PLC programmable system for reliable performance.

  • Pressure Regulation Loop
  • Uniform Lubrication
  • Control Buttons & Indicators
  • Smooth Moving Mechanical Parts
Briquetting  Machine / Press
Thriving on our domain expertize, we have become the must reliable manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Briquetting Machine / Press. These are highly suitable for various such as metallurgical powder, coal, refractory materials, cold-pressing ball, and many more. Vertical framework structure of the offered Briquetting Machine / Press is reliable, safe and covers small area. The PLC control of these briquetting presses offers high efficiency, automatic material feeding and lump discharge. A reliable heat control system keeps the temperature of our presses within the range of working temperature for high efficiency. Compression mechanism of our Briquetting Machine / Press produces the required level of pressure to produce compact and conveyable briquettes.

High strength pillars of our machines provide vibration resistance during operation and minimize noise. Our Briquetting Machine / Press has a simple to operate push button control which makes the programming easy. The pressing head of our presses is strong and dimensionally accurate to effectively shape briquettes. Their lubrication system is fully efficient in sending oil to all moving parts to prevent rust and promote smooth functioning. Moreover, our Briquetting Machine / Press is lightweight and easy to install.

  • Operator Safety Fence
  • Excellent Briquette Making
  • Smooth Compression Mechanism
  • Minimal Power Consumption
Hydraulic Brake  Lining  Forming Press
Operating from a well developed area of Delhi, India, we are a quality focused manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Hydraulic Brake Lining Forming Press. These are widely used in the vulcanization of various materials like plastic model, all types of rubber and brake lining. The offered Hydraulic Brake Lining Forming Presses have a clutch system to control the torsion to guarantee parallelism. With a programmable digital control, these forming presses demonstrate high level of accuracy in brake lining forming. Further, our Hydraulic Brake Lining Forming Presses are easy to adjust sliding blocks that provides the needed height for mute bending point.

Side frames of our hydraulic presses offer extra support to the throat and helps in performing the pressing function in a better manner. Our Hydraulic Brake Lining Forming Presses are mounted with a pressure gauge to facilitate operator in the regulation of pressure as per material thickness. Hydraulic overload protection in our presses is a reliable safety feature which prevents any accident. Moreover, the high power motor installed in our Hydraulic Brake Lining Forming Presses has an adjustable speed & thrust and auto shut-off functionality.

  • Mounted Control Box
  • Micro Switch for Operator Safety
  • Adjustable Sliding Blocks
  • Excellent Pressing Operation
Vacuum Compression Molding Presses
Successfully meeting the requirements of clients, we are a dependable manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Vacuum Compression Molding Presses. These are highly suitable for the making of different rubber products such as oil seal, gasket, O ring, hardware rubber, engine mountings and molded rubber parts. The offered PLC controlled Vacuum Compression Molding Press have easy to adjust functionality. Heating temperature, exhaust time and vulcanization time can be regulated to meet the production requirements and make the whole pressing operation convenient. Further, our Vacuum Compression Molding Press is fitted with a moving plate which clamps slowly, raises quickly, and closes mould rapidly to improve molding efficiency.

Automatic, semi-automatic and manual working of our presses offers flexibility to the operator to chose the best as per situation. The compression technique implanted by our Vacuum Compression Molding Press is highly efficient in giving accurate shape to the end product without any minute fault. Our vacuum presses are completely safe from any type of electricity hazards due to various safety features installed. All the mechanical parts of our Vacuum Compression Molding Press is are well lubricated on a regular time frame by a centralized lubrication system.


  • Single Layer Plate
  • Controllable Heating Temperature
  • Full Computer Control
  • Accurate & Reliable Operation
With the help of our distinguished professionals, our company has been able to mark its strong presence in the market as one of the well known manufacturers and exporters of Vacuum Compression Molding Press. These molding presses are used for manufacturing variety of rubber and plastic components including washers, keypads and shock absorbers. Available at economical prices in the market, Vacuum Compression Molding Press is checked by us so as to ensure sturdy construction, negligible maintenance and less power consumption.

Solid Tyre Molding Press
We, Santec Group, have a distinctive market position as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of energy-efficient Solid Tyre Molding Press. These are highly suitable for the molding of different shapes and sizes of tyre with a uniform density and dimensional accurateness. The offered Solid Tyre Molding Press comes with jog debugging mode which enables simple commissioning and installation of molds. During the curing process, these presses automatically compensate pressure to ensure that the shape of the tyre remains as per the set design. Temperature control system of our Solid Tyre Molding Presses keep very small variation in temperature during prolonged operation.

In our molding presses, opening of molds and depressurization can be adjusted to meet the thickness requirement of the end product. Body parts of our Solid Tyre Molding Presses are made of hard & cold alloy to provide strength & stability in operation. Their isolation cover keeps the heat inside the working chamber and assists in saving steam. Cylinder of our tyre presses are fixed with oil resistance sealing washers to prevent any chances of leakage. Further, our Solid Tyre Molding Presses have the functionality of auto timing, auto shifting and auto exhausting.

Reliable Pressure Performance
Movement Sequence Chain Protection
Unifying Temperature Distribution
Minimal Maintenance Requirements

These Solid Tyre Molding Presses are manufactured as per the set standards and norms of the industry. Our offered range of tire molding presses is used for manufacturing solid tires for industrial vehicles such as lawn mowers, cranes & scooters. Solid Tyre Molding Presses are known for its key attributes such as sturdy structure, easy installation and corrosion resistance
Scrap Balers Scrap Baling Presses
Providing quality products at competitive prices, we are a well recognized manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Scrap Balers & Scrap Baling Presses. These find wide usage in the recycling, ferrous metal smelting factories and steel plants to recycle the scraps for their further processing. The offered Scrap Balers & Scrap Baling Presses have high-strength pressing heads which assist in providing ideal impact for the processing of scrap. The hydraulic mechanism of these presses is highly effective in compressing scraps to produce compact and easy to transport bales. Pressure Gauge, bearing, directional valve, return valve, electric motor and other parts of our Scrap Balers & Scrap Baling Presses are properly integrated to assure smooth functioning.

Push button control panel of our baling presses offer ease and quickness in operation and saves time involved in feeding working instructions. In our Scrap Balers & Scrap Baling Presses, there is perfect integration between the electronic and mechanical components. Any hazard related to both the components is prevented with the help of safety switches and alarms fitted at various parts. A cooling system is provided in our Scrap Balers & Scrap Baling Presses to cool down the temperature raised during prolonged use.


  • Outstanding Scrap Baling
  • Ideal Compression Capability
  • Easy to Feed
  • Simple Operation
Precured Tread Rubber Molding Press
We continuously innovate and upgrade our production techniques to deliver high-performing Precured Tread Rubber Molding Press. These plate vulcanizing machines find extensive usage in rubber industry to produce different types of precured treads. The offered Precured Tread Rubber Molding Presses have a slab side structure with an upward pressing mechanism which is ideal for the tread molding. Operation of these presses can be instantly switched from manual to automatic and Vice Versa to offer flexibility to the operator. Molds fitted in our Precured Tread Rubber Molding Presses open and close with quickness to save time involved in feeding.

Automatic push-out mold functionality in our molding presses enhances the work efficiency and speeds up the operation. Hydraulic cylinders in our Precured Tread Rubber Molding Presses are fully capable of producing the desired compression strength for molding. For operator safety, various alarms are fitted in our machines to instantaneously inform about any malfunctioning. Processor assisted functioning of our machines provides accuracy in making tread and helps in wastage minimization. Further, our Precured Tread Rubber Molding Presses runs uninterruptedly with the support of a centralized lubrication system and effective cooling function.


  • High Speed Pressing Operation
  • Adjustable Compression Speed
  • Compact & Easy to Install
  • Electrical Hazard Safety
Laboratory Type Compression Moulding Press
With the motto of quality at right price, we have established ourselves as a trusted manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Laboratory Type Compression Moulding Press. This are extensively utilized in varied industries such as automobile, machinery, light industry, petrochemicals, furniture, manufacture, etc. Purpose of the offered Laboratory Type Compression Moulding Press is cutting, assembling, leveling, deep drawing, pressing of different types of materials to manufacture various products. Mixing unit of our moulding press has an overload protection safety device which alarms at the event of overfeeding of input material. Powerful hydraulic system of Laboratory Type Compression Moulding Presses deliver the preconfigured pressure to efficiently mould the workpiece.

Control panel and display unit are configured together for easy configuration and monitoring of the functions of our machines. With their hi-tech PLC control system, our Laboratory Type Compression Moulding Presses enhances the efficiency of the entire system in different moulding operations. Mechanism of different moving parts of our presses never get malfunctioned due to the excellent circulation of lubricant. Moreover, our Laboratory Type Compression Moulding Presses have an easy to regulate compression speed to meet the production requirements,


  • Electrical Hazard Safety
  • Distance Reversal Switch
  • Optimum Pressing Performance
  • Excellent Compressing Performance
Offered Laboratory Type Compression Moulding Presses are basically used for composites molding applications & for processing plastic. These machines are also applicable to various technical or engineering colleges for providing qualitative training to the students. Moreover, these machine is well tested for quality throughout the production process, ensuring flawlessness in Laboratory Type Compression Moulding Presses.

Available at competitive prices, these molding presses are imported from countries like Korea, Taiwan and China. Our offered range of Compression Moulding Presses are used in research & development laboratories and also for training purposes in engineering colleges. Laboratory Compression Molding Press is manufactured at our highly automated working unit under strict supervision of our adroit manpower.

Laboratory 2 Roll Mixing Mills
Reliably meeting clients' requirements, we are the most sought after manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Laboratory 2 Roll Mixing Mills. Used in various fields, these are ideal for rubber industry to plasticate, sheet, thermal refine and mix the raw material to produce rubber. The offered Laboratory 2 Roll Mixing Mills have an emergency stop button to avoid any harm to operator or any damage to the machine parts or mechanism. Roller of these mills are made of high strength metal to provide ideal toughness and corrosion resistance. Our Laboratory 2 Roll Mixing Mills have a centralized system for lubrication to ensure their frictionless functioning.

Gear box of our mixing mills has an excellent transmission system to provide high efficiency and minimize noise during operation. Designing of our Laboratory 2 Roll Mixing Mill is done ergonomically to reduce work stress on the operator. Power overload protection system provided in our roll mills increases the safety of electrical parts from short circuit. Cooling water is circulated through the rollers to maintain the ideal temperature for conducting mixing operations. Moreover, our Laboratory 2 Roll Mixing Mill is stable, durable and easy to maintain.


  • Emergency Stop Function
  • Smooth Roller Bearings
  • Gap Adjustment Mode
  • Electrical Hazard Safety
Our offered range of Laboratory 2 Roll Mixing Mill has been ISO 9001: 2008 certified and are known for their features such as negligible maintenance, easy installation and longer working life. These roll mixing mills are used for fast and homogeneous mastication of natural rubber, synthetic rubber, EVA compound and PVC pallets. Laboratory 2 Roll Mixing Mill is available in different models and specifications to meet large demand in the market.
Hydraulic Straightening Press
Based in a prime location of New Delhi, India, we are a well known manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Hydraulic Straightening Press. This is highly suitable for straightening, bending, punching, forming of workpiece to make different types of end products. The offered Hydraulic Straightening Presses are equipped with pressure reversal switch to regulate the force generated by the hydraulic system and cause no damage to the input material. Operator can easily adjust the RAM pressing speed with the help of a speed controller provided in our machines. Setup of our Hydraulic Straightening Presses are modified by using the jog mode.

An intelligent air cooling system of our offered machines regulates the temperature and keeps it between the ideal working temperature range. Motor installed in our Hydraulic Straightening Presses are heavy duty and its speed can be easily regulated to meet the requirements of different applications. Functioning of our machines can be easily switched from manual to automatic and Vice Versa. Moreover, the PLC control system of our Hydraulic Straightening Presses are highly accurate and reliable in performing the whole operation in a wastage-free manner.

  • Movable Height of Pedestal
  • Standard U-slot Table
  • Distance Reversal Switch
  • High Performance Pressure Regulator
Hydraulic Presses
We, Santec Group, strive to generate maximum client satisfaction as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Hydraulic Presses. These are broadly used in different types of applications including processing of plastic material processing, sheet metal drawing, wheel modularizing, material compacting, etc. The offered Hydraulic Presses have a separated power mechanism run by hydraulic power to ensure optimum performance in pressing various materials. Advanced design of our machines, based on the four pillar model, makes them highly contracted, easy to install and simple to operate. In our Hydraulic Presses, the speed of pressing and limit of strokes can be easily controlled during the operation to provide flexibility.

Heat treatment is done on the piston rods and columns of our press machines to provide durability and resistance from corrosion. A safety protection for overflow is fitted in our Hydraulic Presses to guarantee zero leakage and easy visibility of oil level. The insurance circuit for hydraulic support prevents the slide from going out of control and protects the operator from any hazard. Further, the electronic panel of our Hydraulic Presses is installed with cooling system to maintain ideal temperature for optimum performance.

  • Welded Steel Frame
  • Optimum Pressing Performance
  • Treated Against Rust
  • PLC Controlled Operation
Hydraulic Powder Compacting Press
We have an unparalleled market position as an innovative manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Hydraulic Powder Compacting Press. This is ideal for compacting of different types of powder materials in brake lining, tablet making, and allied industries. The offered Hydraulic Powder Compacting Press is fully capable of forming pressing powder into different shapes with uniform density. Our presses have cavities of different shapes and sizes, in which the powder is pushed to convert it to a compressed solid. The hydraulic system of our Hydraulic Powder Compacting Presses can be easily controlled to produce the needed amount of force to compact the powder material up to an ideal density.

Fully encapsulate drive of our compacting presses eliminates the possibility of over hanging or exposed parts from getting dirty. It also helps in the proper cleaning and maintenance of the entire system. Our Hydraulic Powder Compacting Presses have large columns and thick plates to offer stability during operation. A centralized lubrication system sends oil to various receiving ducts of the machine parts and keep the machine to function smoothly. Further, our Hydraulic Powder Compacting Presses are durable, compact and easy to install.


  • Overload & Overflow Protection
  • Flexible PLC Press Control
  • Pressure Reversal Switch
  • Adjustable Stroke Control
These Hydraulic Powder Compacting Presses are ideal for forming varied shapes molded parts into powder with uniform density. Offered presses are capable of handling loads of different material such as carbide, tungsten, ceramic, ferrite, copper and iron. Our manufactured Hydraulic Powder Compacting Presses are the prime choice of our valued clients for the unbeatable quality,that we provide to our patrons. Moreover, these presses can be customized, as per the customers' given specifications
Hydraulic Forming Press Hood Insulator
Operating from an industrial location of New Delhi, India, we are a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Hydraulic Forming Press Hood Insulator. Used in various cutting, pressing & forming applications, this is ideal for plastic products, electronic appliances, computers, adhesive tapes, and more. The offered Hydraulic Forming Press Hood Insulator has a computer optimized design to make it high performing and simple to operate. Control system of our forming press has centralized button to switch the operation mode in between manual, semi-automatic & automatic. Hydraulic pipe system of our Hydraulic Forming Press Hood Insulators utilizes integrated circuits to prevent oil leakage.

Operation safety of our machines is ensured by a reliable safety interlock, safety guard, back light and a protective fence. Pedestal height of our Hydraulic Forming Press Hood Insulators are easy to adjust to provide complete operating comfort. These presses are fitted with shifting flow piston pumps to minimize the impact of pressure and provides high velocity. Push button design of our hydraulic equipment offers operational safety. Further, the guiding device of our Hydraulic Forming Press Hood Insulators guarantees steady precision in any mode of function.

  • Dual Control Mode
  • Both Hands Button
  • Adjustable Proximity Switches
  • Minimal Energy Consumption
Hydraulic Cylinders and  Jacks
Empowering clients' production capabilities, we are a quality focused manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Hydraulic Cylinders and Jacks. These are highly suitable for various industrial & construction applications where spreading, lifting, pressing straightening and bending is needed. Fitted with an automatic cleaning equipment, the fuel tank assembly of the offered Hydraulic Cylinder and Jacks always remain clean & working. Seal parts of our jacks & cylinders are properly welded with CO2 on the arc and girth to assure their durability in continuous operation. The hydraulic system of our Hydraulic Cylinder and Jacks produces a controllable amount of force to perform the lifting function in a very stable and safe manner.

High strength base of our hydraulic equipment makes them fully capable handling heavy duty operations with complete safety. The entire body of the offered Hydraulic Cylinder and Jacks is properly lubricated with the help of a centralized lubrication system to ensure smooth functioning. With their easy to operate controls, our cylinders & jacks can easily switch to different modes of operation. Further, our Hydraulic Cylinder and Jacks are stable, reliable and resistance to wear & tear.

  • Excellent Balance Adjustment
  • Ideal Hydraulic Power
  • Smooth Movement of Piston
  • Superior Lifting Performance
Hydraulic Auto Feeding Cutting Machines
We, Santec Group, have established ourselves as the most trusted manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Hydraulic Auto Feeding Cutting Machines. These find usage in various application areas including automobile, construction, machine making, engineering, steel industry, and more. PLC controlled, the offered Hydraulic Auto Feeding Cutting Machine has an ideal feeding length and capability to batch process the workpieces. Their hydraulic control blades come with an option to regulate the feed speed during the operation. A digital display unit along with a press button control panel is fixed in our Hydraulic Auto Feeding Cutting Machine to ensure proper functioning.

Our cutting machines have an innovative design that makes them highly suitable for heavy duty cutting. With multiple groups of tooth gearing, our Hydraulic Auto Feeding Cutting Machine accurately perform the cutting operation. Treatment of the cutting scraps is done together to have ease in maintaining the entire machine. The cooling fluid circulates to every internal part of the cutting section to maintain smoothness during the cutting and feeding of workpiece. Further, our Hydraulic Auto Feeding Cutting Machine has stability in performance, minimal vibration and durability.


  • Saw Blade Break Protection
  • Outstanding Cutting Performance
  • Fast Drop Safety
  • Centralized Lubrication System
These Auto Feeding Cutting Machine is ideal for use in rubber, heavy metal, engineering and other industries owing to their hassle-free working, reliable operations and durability. Available in 40 T to 200 T load bearing capacity, offered machines are further integrated with double as well as single side auto feeding arrangement. Offered Hydraulic Auto Feeding Cutting Machine is applauded by patrons and demanded all over the globe owing to their reliable operations.

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